The C1 this is our first saddle. Power force Shell for maxiumum Performance for hard pedaling in

Racing or powerful riding without Compromises.
Continuous Rail System Design.


Fiber Pure   Carbon UD - Anti Slide

Fiber Pure SL   Carbon UD & 3K without anything - direct out of the Mold.

Fiber Cover Carbon   UD - Microtex Top Anti Slide

Fiber Cover soft   Carbon UD - Microtex Top Anti Slide - Memory Thermo Foam


Fiber Pure  : 111g

Fiber Pure SL : 105g

Fiber Cover : 143g

Fiber Cover soft : 152g

Special on request - all Cover Colors and 

Foam Concepts we can realize.

Logo Colors:

Fiber Pure in Black and White

Fiber Cover Lasering


Tech specs: Length 250mm / Width 148mm / Rail Clamp Zone 90mm

All our saddles are for racing Road / TT /  XC / XM released to 110kg total-rider weight.