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We are an innovative brand in the field of cycling custom-made parts and components as well as technical research and development. On our website, we want to provide you with all the necessary information about our products and offers. Our experience in Formula One, the aerospace and the bicycle industries, together with our involvement with current technological developments, allow us to leave the beaten track and find new and innovative solutions for our customers. For you!

phenum: birth May 2018

Parents: ceetec®

Size: it depends

Weight: light


Now the time has come: ceetec® enters the World market under a new name: phenum!


After ceetec® is a name in the MTB World Cup, World Championships and the Olympics, is appreciated by world elite riders and technology lovers worldwide, we were noticed.


A market entrant applied for earlier rights to a similar-sounding brand name.

This is the birth of phenum.


The products correspond 100% to the ceetec® products, they only have a different name.

We develop and meet them with the same love and dedication and so there will never be a phenum product that is not a ceetec® product as well.


Thank you - your ceetec®

 ceetec® GmbH Bächliackerstrasse 2 4402 Frenkendorf Switzerland